About Us

Nature and beauty have always inspired me.

For me, nature and it’s gifts bring such peace, clarity and connection to that inner voice….you know the one. Your inner self that is the higher power, your intuition, your “gut feeling” about things. The gift of nature helps me tap into my inner strength….the truth. Experiencing nature has always sharpened these senses and feelings for me. Goodness knows with all the high tech and media exposure we receive daily, listening and connecting with our true selves and our true passions sometimes can get lost.

Being able to travel and visit amazing places and to bring that beauty, joy and connection to others is a real passion of mine, especially for those who do not find the time to enjoy mother nature’s wonder.

When I experience the majesty of a waterfall,the power of the crashing surf, or any other incredibly beautiful place in Mother Nature’s realm, my mood and outlook on life is greatly improved, and truth and clarity for me always follows. In creating TV ArtScapes®, I wanted to bring that feeling of “being” inspired and connected, to every person, every day.

So experience Nature, let your heart and soul discover that beautiful, wise, loving and powerful person that is YOU. Thanks for stopping by, and remember…….. Youth is in your passions. Neither age nor your past defines you. “Live, Laugh and Love to the fullest……everyday!”

Veronica Crystal Young

President of  Crystal Eyes Entertainment

Creator/producer of the TV ArtScapes®  DVD series