Healthcare and Healing

Tranquility…… On Demand
Healing, Serene TV

.….Because a small change in your external environment,
can utterly transform your inner world.

TV ArtScapes® is a journey to stress relief and relaxation**

 It works as a natural mood-enhancer - beneficial for pain management,as well as a relaxation or focusing tool. It is being used in Senior Care Facilites, Hospitals, Physician and Dentist offices as well as homes across the country.

*Healthcare  studies show that water, nature and soothing imagery along with relaxing  music have an organic effect on the human body, which reduces stress and  promotes healing. *Visual exposure to natural settings has produced  significant recovery from stress, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension. *Employees with views of nature at work report fewer headaches, less job pressure, and greater job satisfaction. Studies also show that stress causes depression. *Not experiencing the beauty of nature and the great outdoors on a continuous basis can contribute to the stress and depression felt by most urban dwellers.

Hospitals, Dentists, Physician’s offices, Spas, Salons *No Public Viewing License required

for 1-2 TV/DVD players in lobbies or offices.

If more than two TV/DVD player used, Public Viewing Licensing is required.

Call for details on reasonable low cost Public Viewing License or CCTV.

  • Health: Assists with creating a peaceful ambient environment for patients and families.
  • Retirement Homes and Senior Center Communities and Senior Citizens enjoy these beautiful nature series DVDs.
  • Bereavement: Assists with soothing imagery in times of strong emotions and grief.
  • Hospitals: Creates a relaxing environment in patient’s hospital rooms and lobby’s and assists patients and families alike in dealing with stress. (Licensing may apply-See above*)
  • Birthing Centers: Assists with relaxation in preparation for birth procedures and labor.
  • Background for Seminars and Events: Creates nature’s background complete with relaxingmusic and stunning imagery during seminars, lunches and presentation.

**Disclaimer. This website is not designed to and does not provide medical advice and TV ArtScapes DVD's are not a substitute for medical advice and/or treatment. All content ("Content"), including text, graphics, images and information available on or through this Web site are for general informational and entertainment purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.